Evaluation of gone with the wind

Scarlett is a pretty, coquettish Southern belle who grows up on the Georgia plantation of Tara in the years before the Civil War. Selfish, shrewd, and vain, Scarlett inherits the strong will of her father, Gerald, but also desires to please her well-bred, genteel mother, Ellen.

Evaluation of gone with the wind

Production[ edit ] Before publication of the novel, several Hollywood executives and studios declined to create a film based on it, including Louis B.

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Selznick of Selznick International Pictures. Warner liked the story, but Warner Bros. Selznick changed his mind after his story editor Kay Brown and business partner John Hay Whitney urged him to buy the film rights. Selznick began a nationwide casting call that interviewed 1, unknowns.

Katharine Hepburn lobbied hard for the role with the support of her friend, George Cukor, who had been hired to direct, but she was vetoed by Selznick who felt she was not right for the part. However, Hopkins was in her mid-thirties at the time and was considered too old for the part. Leigh's American agent was the London representative of the Myron Selznick talent agency headed by David Selznick's brother, one of the owners of Selznick Internationaland she had requested in February that her name be submitted for consideration as Scarlett.

By the summer of the Selznicks were negotiating with Alexander Kordato whom Leigh was under contract, for her services later that year. In a letter to his wife two days later, Selznick admitted that Leigh was "the Scarlett dark horse", and after a series of screen tests, her casting was announced on January 13, Identically, Miss Leigh's parents are French and Irish.

Fleming was dissatisfied with the script, so Selznick brought in famed writer Ben Hecht to rewrite the entire screenplay within five days. Hecht returned to Howard's original draft and by the end of the week had succeeded in revising the entire first half of the script.

Selznick undertook rewriting the second half himself but fell behind schedule, so Howard returned to work on the script for one week, reworking several key scenes in part two. Selznick in "By the time of the film's release inthere was some question as to who should receive screen credit," writes Yeck.

The fact that Howard's name alone appears on the credits may have been as much a gesture to his memory as to his writing, for in Sidney Howard died at age 48 in a farm-tractor accident, and before the movie's premiere. Offhand I doubt that there are ten original words of [Oliver] Garrett's in the whole script.

As to construction, this is about eighty per cent my own, and the rest divided between Jo Swerling and Sidney Howard, with Hecht having contributed materially to the construction of one sequence. Hecht was in the middle of working on the film At the Circus for the Marx Brothers.

Recalling the episode in a letter to screenwriter friend Gene Fowlerhe said he hadn't read the novel but Selznick and director Fleming could not wait for him to read it.

They acted scenes based on Sidney Howard's original script which needed to be rewritten in a hurry. Hecht wrote, "After each scene had been performed and discussed, I sat down at the typewriter and wrote it out. Selznick and Fleming, eager to continue with their acting, kept hurrying me.

We worked in this fashion for seven days, putting in eighteen to twenty hours a day. Selznick refused to let us eat lunch, arguing that food would slow us up. He provided bananas and salted peanuts In the official credits filed with the Screen Writers GuildSidney Howard was of course awarded the sole screen credit, but four other writers were appendedJun 21,  · If the central drama of “Gone With the Wind” is the rise and fall of a sexual adventuress, the counterpoint is a slanted but passionate view of the Old South.

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Evaluation of gone with the wind

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Even at almost four hours long Gone With the Wind easily manages to keep attention for the duration. I’m sorry it took a little while to post the results of my test this morning. I was out getting lunch with my Dad to celebrate! That’s right, I passed! any “Gone With the Wind” fan, from novice to aficionado.

vetconnexx.com gone WITH THe WInD TrIvIa The best picture Oscar for “Gone With the Wind” is in Ted Turner’s Atlanta office.

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Gone with the Wind Critical Evaluation - Essay - vetconnexx.com Having at last attained this goal, she is unable to hold the one man she really loves. A historical romance of prodigious proportions, this first novel by a then-unknown author went through twelve printings within two months of publication.
Gone with the Wind Analysis - vetconnexx.com After a fellow literature lover suggested I read the full novel, I promptly checked it out from the library.

The statue came to him when he acquired MGM Studios in

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