Essay walking or biking versus driving

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Essay walking or biking versus driving

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Driving is the usage of the foot to accelerate from the gas to the break or vice versa. How does walking compare to driving? Which one of the two gives a good feeling afterwards? Is there even a difference between walking and driving? Walking is using the human body to move from one place to another in a certain pace.

To get energy, food and water is needed in the human body system. To reach a certain destination, walking takes a pretty good amount of time. How is it that walking seems to take longer than driving, even when a person walks at Walking or Biking versus Driving a Car Transportation is the key to survival in our world today.

When one is not equipped to travel to and from places in an efficient and timely mannerthe repercussions can be severe.

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Some of the repercussions involved are losing your job or missing an important appointment. This is why we always choose to travel by the fastest method available. Unfortunatelythe motorized forms of transportation such as driving a carholds tremendous negative effects for the person and our environment.

We have also lost touch with the simpleryet more enjoyable forms of transportation from our youth.

Essay walking or biking versus driving

I am talking about being able to take long walksor riding my bicycle down the road to get to where it is I want to go. I remember when I was little and attending grammar school at the nearby public school.

I fondly recall that each morningI would hurriedly get dressed and wolf down my breakfast and then my mother and I would walk hand in hand as she took me to school. I was able to bond a lot with my mother during that time. The most memorable times of my life were of taking walks with my mother as we did her errands at local merchants.

Each afternoon, I would accompany her to the local grocerlaundry shop ,and other places and thenif I was a really behaved childmy mother would take me to the soda shop before we headed home. When I got older ,my mother allowed me to walk to school with my friends and classmates.

This made going to school even more fun for me because I got to know my neighbors and classmates before class. Going to school was not something I dreaded because it was like a game for me and my friends.

These memories are things I treasure from my youth. By walking, I allowed myself to breath-in fresh air.

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The fresh air helped to clean up and strengthen my lungs in the process. I guess this is why even to this dayI always talks walks for nearby errands. I am also a member of an unofficial walking club that meets on weekends at the park for early morning walks.

When I reached High SchoolI was suddenly thrust into a fast paced world that required a faster mode of transportation other than my two feet. Admittedlytalking walks with my friends was greatbut we could not afford to be late to school nor take separate buses to school either.

The problem was solved when I got my first two-wheeled bicycle at the same time as my friends.A lb.

Walking or biking vs. driving a car essay

person will burn calories walking at 2 mph for 60 minutes, and calories walking at mph. Riding a Bike The calories you burn while biking are slightly higher than when you vetconnexx.comd: Jun 17, Home Essays Riding a Bike vs Driving a Car.

Riding a Bike vs Driving a Car. Topics: Bicycle Revised Draft Compare/Contrast Essay Both can be used to drive people to places they want to go to without walking. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Yes, biking adds years to your life but as you noted in an earlier post, so does walking for 30 min.

If exercise is the goal, there are a lot of ways to skin that cat. I’m not sure I agree with the premise that adding years to your life = more safety. Cars and Bikes Bikes and cars are two of the many ways of transportation. Both can be used to drive people to places they want to go to without walking.

Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. And each has its own type and standard of people as well as its different uses and forms. Top 10 Reasons To Bike Instead Of Driving With gas prices at an all-time high, and likely to rise even more, you're probably already driving less and bicycling more.

But, just in case you're having a hard time breaking the 4-wheel habit, we put our heads together and came up with our top 10 "other" reasons to ride rather than drive. Essay “Walking or Biking versus Driving a Car” Walking and Driving Walking is the motion of exerting energy. Driving is the usage of the foot to accelerate from the gas to the break or vice versa.

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