Essay on black plague

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Essay on black plague

Black Death or the Bubonic Plague? He Essay on black plague known to have a terrible fear of the deadly disease and its consequences and this is hardly surprising as it touched so many areas of his life including his life as an actor at the Globe Theater.

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Black Death or Bubonic Plague? In the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries victims of the Bubonic plague Black Death would be sealed in their houses.

The houses would be locked and bolted from the outside. The victims were not allowed to leave and neither was anyone else allowed to enter. This action was tantamount to signing a death warrant for the whole family and one of the terrible consequences of the disease.

The workers depicted in the picture are the death cart labourers and the watchman.

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History of the Disease The epidemic is widely attributed to the bubonic plague which is an infectious disease spread through the infestation of rodents and fleas. This pandemic was attributed to a variety of causes including witches and astrology Ibeji,
Scope, or dimension Print this page The Plague The first outbreak of plague swept across England in It seems to have travelled across the south in bubonic form during the summer months ofbefore mutating into the even more frightening pneumonic form with the onset of winter.

The following description and information about their roles will clarify the significance of the picture and the consequences and its relationship with the Bubonic plague Black Death. Information about the Role of the Watchmen and Death Cart Labourers - see the above picture Watchmen were allocated to watch the ' plague houses ' and the only means of sustenance was for the victims to lower baskets from an upper window for the watchman to put food into it.

Plague Pits were rapidly dug. These pits were approximately 20 feet deep - the width of the pit would continue to be extended as Essay on black plague outbreak of the Bubonic plague Black Death spread. A consequence of continued outbreaks was that even old Plague Pits were re-opened.

The death cart labourers generally undertook their gruesome work at night and the bodies were hurried out of the house wrapped in any kind of improvised shroud. The Elizabethan Watchmen and the death cart labourers were, not surprisingly, very well paid.

Their jobs were clearly life-threatening and there was a high mortality rate. There was no town cleansing department in the Elizabethan era. Month after month people were employed in this work, which became more and more difficult to accomplish as the plague spread and carried off one after another of the workers.

When, despite the high wages, no new men for this job could be found women and boys, especially those who had recovered from the Bubonic plague Black Deathwere forced to carry out this work. Threats of imprisonment were made as encouragement to undertake these tasks and this consequence was suffered by anyone who refused the role.

In later years houses containing victims were sometimes indicated with a red cross painted on the door with the words "God have Mercy".

The red cross acted as a warning as there was a time when the victims of the illness were not carried away to be buried or burnt. The same deadly labour shortage continued until a medieval Physician had the idea was that the disease would be better contained by not throwing the bodies into the streets and into the approximation of other people.

These corpses were left rotting in the houses until they were dragged out, weeks later, to be thrown on a cart and finally disposed of. Due to the food shortages and closure of businesses those who were not struck down by the Bubonic plague Black Death often resorted to stealing from the dead bodies.

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The penalties for this were varied and severe. Many such thieves were thrown into the pits, dead or alive, with their victims. Contrary to popular belief it was not just the people who lived in the towns who were at risk of catching the Black Death or Bubonic Plague. Elizabethan farmers and retailers of farm produce, such as animal hides, were in constant danger of contracting the Bubonic plague Black Death and this was a deadly consequence of their job.

A devastating outbreak of the Elizabethan plague occurred in claiming 80, people in England. The cause of the Bubonic plague Black Death was unknown during the Elizabethan era so people were not in the position to take proper care or adequate precautions. This particular epidemic claimed between a quarter and a third of the total Elizabethan London population.

Statistics show that people died weekly in mid August, per week in September, and per week in October.

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The Elizabethan City of London was filthy. It's population was growing continuously with poor people moving from the country to London in search of work. There was a total lack of a structured sewage system in Elizabethan London.

Essay on black plague

All of the waste was just dumped into the River Thames. The River Thames is a tidal river and, as such, it would have acted like a natural sewer. But even so terrible epidemics of Black Death Bubonic Plague during the Elizabethan period still occurred. The spread was aided by the River Thames and its boats which were used as the major form of transport in Elizabethan London.

The London streets were dark, narrow and dangerous and slow to travel through. Everyone used the river to move about and each London Elizabethan would have come into contact with the everyday presence of the dirt and the rats. A perfect vehicle for ensuring the spread of the disease in Elizabethan London.The Black Death pandemic of is considered to be one of the major events in world history, and it is still the subject of medical, historical, and sociological analysis.

The Black Plague the Black Plague was one of the worst and deadliest diseases known to man in the history of the world.


The Plague originate. The Antonine Plague of to AD, also known as the Plague of Galen (from the name of the Greek physician living in the Roman Empire who described it), was an ancient pandemic brought back to the Roman Empire by troops returning from campaigns in the Near vetconnexx.comrs have suspected it to have been either smallpox or measles, but the true cause remains undetermined.

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Essay on black plague

Utilizing state of the art digital printing, we produce product packaging. Published: Mon, 5 Dec The Black Plague the Black Plague was one of the worst and deadliest diseases known to man in the history of the world. The Plague originated in Italy and quickly spread throughout Europe killing more than one hundred thirty seven million people.

Student Essay Sample about The Black Plague Posted on August 17, by EssayShark Through the Middle Ages the plague or Black Death killed about a .

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