A look at censorship and books that were censored

Banned Books Week runs September 24— You can show your support by sharing Banned Books Week graphics on social media. People For the American Way Foundation and its advocacy affiliate have a long record of resisting censorship and defending freedom of expression for artistswriters, and activists—and the freedom of students to read and learn.

A look at censorship and books that were censored

Sep 25, 0 September 21 — 27 marks the annual celebration of Banned Books Week—a time devoted to celebrating the freedom to read, battling against censorship, and advocating the knowledge that books help to spread. While readers passionately participate, none are more invested than the authors themselves.

Here, quotes from 22 authors—from Mark Twain to Lois Duncan—on censorship and literary freedom. In my mind when a book touches upon a controversial subject it is precisely because the norm has already been significantly changed, and the author has had the courage to acknowledge this.

Many of the challenges to Fallen Angels have dealt with the use of profanity in the book. The execution of war involves, on a very basic level, getting law abiding, and humane people into a mode that allows them to kill other human beings for whom they have no personal animosity. When I write a book that is liable to be challenged it is because I have detected a change in what is advertised as the accepted norm.

And in the case of books like Rainbow Boys that find appeal among young readers, the fears of some individuals can become even more charged. These fears — often disguised as moral outrage — are often at the root of censorship, something with which gay and lesbian people are well familiar.

From the time we are children we are taught to censor our feelings, keep secret our thoughts, and deny our true selves.

A look at censorship and books that were censored

Fortunately, we live in a country where freedom of speech and thought are cherished values. Every attempt to censor a book is an attack on our constitutional freedoms.

It is medicine of the highest order. In a more aware culture, writers would be considered priests. And, in fact, I have approached writing in a distinctly priestess frame of mind. I know what The Color Purple can mean to people, women and men, who have no voice. Who believe they have few choices in life.

It can open to them, to their view, the full abundance of this amazing journey we are all on. It can lift them into a new realization of their own power, beauty, love, courage.

It is a book that unites the present with the past, therefore giving people a sense of history and of timelessness they might never achieve otherwise.

That we grow, change, challenge, encourage, love fiercely in the awareness that real love can never be incorrect. Those who object hold up two different scenes.

The first is that certain folks need an enemy. When the Soviet Union fell, I said half-jokingly to my husband: There seemed to be an upsurge in book banning after the lessening of the Communist threat. Harry Potter was a great help, as each new volume came out, my books got shoved further down the list until they all but disappeared.

The second observation is that the books that are most likely to be banned are the extremely popular like Harry Potter or books that make their way into the curricula, so that students are required to read them and parents see them when they are brought home.

Since the Chicano movement started and we were writing contemporary literature, there was this backlash. Of course we do. Besides, why take pride in the fact that someone out there finds you offensive? To feel pride about being banned suggests, to me, a kind of arrogance.

What good would that do? In this case I prefer sadness to pride. Being banned, I feel misunderstood, frustrated.

A look at censorship and books that were censored

The ghosts in that story were originally all male; when I changed the ghost of a male poet to Emily Bronte, the book was considered politically acceptable. InI wrote a book of religious verse for children titled From Spring to Spring. What a challenge that was!Banned Books Week I n the 17th century, William Prynne ’s cheeks were branded with the letters SL, standing for “seditious libeler” after he published pamphlets critical of Anglican clergymen.

Religious censorship is a form of censorship where freedom of expression is controlled or limited using religious authority or on the basis of Throughout the history of the publishing of Jewish books, various works have been censored or banned.

studies have appeared on the censorship of Jewish books when they were first starting to be. Banned books are books or other printed works such as essays or plays which are prohibited by law or to which free access is not permitted by other means.

The practice of banning books is a form of censorship, from political, legal, religious, moral, or (less often) commercial motives.

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Banned Books Week: Book Review Contest» In honor of Banned Books Week — join the TDRL for an exploration of the impact of silencing voices. The contemporary section of our Curated Display highlights works whose content & themes make them vulnerable to challenge, restriction, removal, or .

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It is part of Loyola University Chicago Libraries. Banned Books On-line Welcome to this special exhibit of books that have been the objects of censorship or censorship attempts.

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